Outpatient Procedures at The 心 & 血管研究所

bg视讯试玩app offers the largest, most comprehensive medical staff in the area. Its team of nearly 600 skilled physicians includes more cardiologists and cardiac surgeons than any area hospital.

These compassionate physicians continue a long tradition of "firsts." University developed the area's first cardiac catheterization program in 1974, performed the region's first angioplasty in 1980, and transplanted the first 心 in Georgia in 1984. In 1994, University was the first hospital in Georgia to use drug-eluting stents. University was also the first hospital in Georgia to operate a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program of its size and scope. 今天, University operates the most comprehensive and innovative 心 and 血管 服务 in the area, complete with state-of-the-art 诊断, treatment and follow-up care.

自1999年以来, the community has acknowledged our dedication to cardiac care by selecting University as the area's most preferred provider of 心 care.

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