Patient & Visitor Information

bg大游视讯app下载. bg视讯试玩app很荣幸您能把您的关心托付给bg视讯试玩app, and we will do everything we can to make your stay as comfortable as possible. bg视讯试玩app一直在寻找超越病人期望的方法, and we hope you will give us that opportunity while you are at any of bg大游视讯app下载's facilities. 如果你知道bg视讯试玩app改进的方法, bg视讯试玩app想要听的, 因为bg视讯试玩app的首要目标是确保您收到高质量的产品, compassionate care.

如果你愿意和我分享你对治疗的看法, 您可以致电bg视讯试玩app的护理热线706/774-CARE (2273). You also might receive a questionnaire in the mail after your stay requesting feedback regarding your care. 请抓紧时间填写并交回此“成绩单”."

On behalf of the University team, I wish you a speedy recovery and a positive health care experience.

James Davis

To make your hospital stay or visit to University Hospital as pleasant as possible, 请花几分钟时间浏览以下信息:

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University Hospital security personnel are on duty around the clock. Our uniformed officers drive marked vehicles and carry two-way communication equipment. For your safety, the hospital, campus and parking areas are monitored by a closed-circuit television system. 如果你需要保安的话, dial extension 4-2295 from the nearest house phone or dial "0" for the hospital operator and ask for Security.


英语水平有限人士: 通过bg视讯试玩app的语言和听力中心, bg视讯试玩app为不会讲英语的病人提供口译服务. This includes a special telephone network system that provides medically certified interpreters in more than 100 languages. Medically certified Spanish interpreters also are on call to provide direct personal translation. Please tell a member of your patient care team if you need this service.

听觉受损人士: Special amplified telephones are available for the rooms of patients who are hearing impaired. In addition, arrangements can be made through our Speech and Hearing Center to provide a medically certified American Sign Language interpreter. 如果您需要这些服务,请让您的护士知道. Accommodation of patients with sensory deprivation or patients who are non-English speakers and/or their families is governed by hospital policy, 哪些也概述了申诉程序, 根据康复法案第504条的规定. Please contact your nurse or the Care Line at 706/774-CARE (2273) if you experience any difficulty.

Pastoral Care

Chaplains work closely with physicians and other clinical staff to help patients and their families look at the meaning of illness; they also use faith and religious resources for coping with crises. 通常他们只是提供一个倾听的对象. The services of a chaplain are available around the clock, every day of the year. 如果你想有一个牧师或当地的牧师访问, please dial "0" for the hospital operator and ask for the chaplain's office or have a member of your patient care team page the chaplain on call. Chaplains also are available for sacramental ministries and religious liturgies.

Interfaith Chapel: An interfaith chapel, 位于一楼大堂外,靠近访客电梯, 是否向所有信仰的人开放祈祷和冥想. 每周日上午10时15分在此举行礼拜.m.

Mail and Flowers

Your mail and flowers are delivered directly to your room each day, except in critical care areas. 重症监护病房的病人不能收到鲜花, 在他们的房间里放气球或礼物,而不是卡片. 你在这里的邮寄地址是bg视讯试玩app, 佐治亚州奥古斯塔沃尔顿路1350号 30901-2612. 在你被解雇后收到的邮件将被送到你的家里. 


Automated Teller Machines (ATM) are located in the main hospital lobby directly in front of the main elevators and in an alcove under the stairs in the lobby of the Heart & Vascular Institute.

Infection Protection

Please help prevent the spread of germs by completing hand hygiene before and after your visit. 鼓励洗手, especially if you are assisting with or learning a patient care procedure or when you come to visit directly from work. In lieu of hand washing, waterless alcohol-based hand sanitizer can be used. A dispenser is mounted on the wall outside and inside the room door. 往你的手上喷一点可以保持手部卫生. 如果你或你的孩子感冒了, the flu, 另一种传染病或症状, 请推迟你的来访,直到你和孩子们都好了. Please check at the nurses' station if any special instructions are on the room door. In some cases, it is necessary to expand our routine protection of visitors and other patients due to certain types of infection. In these cases, visitors are given special instructions before entering the room. 工作人员有时会戴手套, gowns, and safety glasses or face masks to help protect both themselves and the patients they care for from infection.

Hand Hygiene
Our Infection Prevention Program focuses on protecting the patient, visitors and the staff. The hand hygiene program has two parts: hand washing and hand sanitizing. Hand washing is the single most important factor in preventing the spread of germs in the home and in the community! 正确的洗手方法包括以下几个方面:

  • 自来水下的湿手.
  • 在上面涂上肥皂泡沫.
  • Rub hands together to create friction; pay careful attention to nails and between fingers.
  • 洗手10-15秒.
  • Visitors and the patient should perform this each day while in the hospital.

手部消毒是bg视讯试玩app员工手部卫生的主要方法, since it rapidly provides sanitized and safe hands for patient care. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is used throughout the hospital and should also be used by visitors. Hand sanitizer dispensers are located in all patient care areas and outside and inside every patient room. 工作人员在每次接触病人之间都要洗手. This vital piece of the hand hygiene program allows you to be confident that the health care provider's hands are clean and free of germs. Visitors should sanitize their hands before touching or embracing patients. Our staff will be asking that you do your part by using good hygiene and having all family members and visitors practice good hand hygiene as well.

Visitor Accommodations

bg视讯试玩app 与地区酒店和汽车旅馆的安排 to offer special discounts to patients and/or their families who need to stay overnight in Augusta. A listing of hotel/motel accommodations and rates is available at the Information Desk in the main lobby and on University's website.